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Beware of Cyber Sharks: Con Artists Mastering the Art of Phishing Bait on Search Engines

In an alarming turn of events, cybersecurity experts are warning businesses and individuals about a rising trend in the digital realm: con artists are strategically taking over company listings on popular search engines, luring unsuspecting victims into the dangerous waters of phishing attacks.

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India, USA, and Taiwan Join Forces: Launch Workshop on Cybersecurity Ahead of 2024

In a collaborative effort to fortify their cyber defenses, India, the United States, and Taiwan have come together to launch a comprehensive workshop on cybersecurity. The timely initiative is aimed at securing critical digital infrastructure ahead of the crucial elections scheduled in all three countries in 2024

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International Crackdown : Operation Cookie Monster Targets Genesis Market

In a coordinated effort to dismantle a major cybercrime operation, law enforcement agencies from around the world have launched “Operation Cookie Monster,” targeting the notorious Genesis Market. This collaborative initiative aims to disrupt illegal activities associated with one of the most prolific dark web marketplaces, exposing and apprehending cybercriminals involved in various forms of cyber fraud.

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G20 Nations Unite in Unprecedented Cybersecurity Exercise and Drill

In a historic display of international collaboration, the Group of Twenty (G20) nations have come together to conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity exercise and drill. Aimed at enhancing global cyber resilience, this initiative underscores the importance of joint efforts in combating cyber threats on a scale never seen before.

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